The Whole Church

Q&A with Otis Moss III

by Stacy Smith

Getting Through the Storm

Faith community nurse serves families of homicide victims

by Lizy Heard

Shalom and Creation

Protectors, Cultivators, and Servants of the Land

by Lisa Sharon Harper

Thick Faith

Q&A with Lisa Sharon Harper

by Susan Martins Miller

A Place To Call Home

An organization in Dallas seeks to provide a safe space for homeless youth

by Hannah Walter

Gonna Make You Sweat

Sweaty Sheep Ministries

by Mary Boland

Building in the Black Belt

The story of Rural Studio, its students, and the people they serve

by Mary Boland

Scarcity and Abundance

Q&A with Walter Brueggemann

by Stacy Smith

Interrupting Poverty

The church is called to more at the intersection of poverty and health.

by Antony Sheehan

Calzone-style Hand Pies

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

Faith, Fellowship and a Food Truck

Shobi's Table in St. Paul, Minnesota

by Margaret Kelly

2014 Top 10 Articles – Editor’s Picks

by Stacy Smith

Feeding the Whole Person

by Barbara Wheeler-Bride

Imago Dei

Poverty, Equality and the Trinity

by Cláudio Carvalhaes

The Sick Poor and the Origins of Medical Charity

Classical antiquity had no hospitals, foundations or philanthropic charities. Christianity changed all that.

by Gary Ferngren

A Church that is Poor, and for the Poor

Q&A with Fr. Jim Martin on Pope Francis

by Stacy Smith

Love Heals

A tour of Thistle Farms, where women who have survived prostitution, trafficking and addiction now create healing balms

by Mary Button

Understanding the Exposome

Q&A with Paul Juarez

by Bradley Gao


by Kendra Hotz & Matthew Mathews

Carin’ and Sharin’

Gwendolyn Brown creates connection and community for underserved women with cancer

by Susan Martins Miller

Room In The Inn

Nashville churches provide shelter and warmth in the cold winter months

by Rachel Davis

The One Who Walks Alongside

by Bill Holmes

Having Enough

by Barbara Wheeler-Bride

Job Skills for a Fresh Start

Old St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Philadelphia, PA

by Church Health Reader Editors

Health, Wealth and the Role of the Church

Q&A with Jim Wallis

by Sarah Ranson
Book Review

Not All of Us are Saints

A Doctor's Journey with the Poor

reviewed by Sarah Stoneking

Health Care & the Early Christians

Q&A with Hector Avalos

by John Shorb