Dancing Away Depression

Liturgical dance as spiritual practice holds out healing hope

by Sarita Wilson

Faithful to Empower

Health ministry in every congregation

by J. Elisha Burke

Getting Through the Storm

Faith community nurse serves families of homicide victims

by Lizy Heard

Retreat into Soul Care

Embracing the outdoors for inner renewal

by Stephen W. Smith

Gonna Make You Sweat

Sweaty Sheep Ministries

by Mary Boland

Building in the Black Belt

The story of Rural Studio, its students, and the people they serve

by Mary Boland

It Takes a Village

The mission of Special Olympics and the role we can all play in supporting the health needs of people with intellectual disabilities

by Kristin Hughes Srour

Paying It Forward

New kitchen models are changing the way we pay

by Mary Boland

Home On The Road

Congregations open their doors to long-distance cyclists

by Mary Boland

Rejection and Grace

Why the Church Needs People Who Have Intellectual Disabilities

by Bethany Keener

A Community Called Home

Ministries Creating a Dwelling Place for the Moral Injury of Our Veterans

by Elsa Peters Cook

Surveying the Safety Nets

The growing landscape of safety net medical providers, the impact of the Affordable Care Act, and the mission of the church

by John Mills

What is Integrated Health?

by Daniel Deffenbaugh

Everybody Needs a Buddy

A Methodist church in Memphis provides a better baseball game for people with special needs

by Mary Boland

Build Your Own Buddy Ball

by Mary Boland

Calzone-style Hand Pies

developed by Church Health Center Wellness

Faith, Fellowship and a Food Truck

Shobi's Table in St. Paul, Minnesota

by Margaret Kelly

Wheels of Wellness

Exploring faith-based healthy living models in Living Compass, the Model for Healthy Living, and the Lutheran Wholeness Wheel

by Susan Martins Miller

Holy, Healing and Heart Healthy

Red Dress Sunday at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland

by Mary Boland

A Liturgy of Laughs

Congregations rediscover the ancient practice of humor

by Mary Boland

2014 Top 10 Articles – Editor’s Picks

by Stacy Smith

Home-Field Advantage

Sports ministries provide love, support and healthy competition

by Kelsey Pierce

Rock On

Music helped the Rev. John Kilzer beat his addiction. Now he’s paying it forward.

by John Klyce Minervini

Love Heals

A tour of Thistle Farms, where women who have survived prostitution, trafficking and addiction now create healing balms

by Mary Button

Teaching the Whole Family

With its innovative curriculum and mandatory parent participation, Perea Preschool is beating the odds.

by John Klyce Minervini

Send in the Clowns!

Liturgical and caring clowns bring humor and healing to congregations

by R. Alex Chamberlain

Dream Homes & Places to Retreat

A quick, meaningful art project that anyone can do with an older person one-on-one or with a group

by Allison Decamillis

Get Going!

Trinity Lutheran Church in Monument, CO

by Church Health Reader Editors

Carin’ and Sharin’

Gwendolyn Brown creates connection and community for underserved women with cancer

by Susan Martins Miller

A Dinner Church Grows in Brooklyn

by Heather Young

Now Entering the ‘Fry-Free Zone’

How pastors and lay advocates are helping congregations improve diets, prepare healthy food and develop exercise habits

by Michelle J. Barrett

Surveying Bodies and Spirits

Penrose-St. Francis Health Services in Colorado Spring, CO

by Church Health Reader Editors

Prayer Shawls Wrap a Community in Comfort

The Church of St. Denis in Hopewell Junction, NY

by Church Health Reader Editors

Church Meals Lead the Way

First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Seattle, WA

by Church Health Reader Editors

Connection through Caring

Bethleham Lutheran Church in St. Charles, IL

by Church Health Reader Editors

Job Skills for a Fresh Start

Old St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Philadelphia, PA

by Church Health Reader Editors

Health Promotors Lead Congregations into Healing

Congregational Health Promoters in Memphis, TN

by Church Health Reader Editors

The Longest Night

A worship service where sorrow is welcome

by Stacy Smith

The New Orleans Faith Health Alliance

What Hurricane Katrina taught me about the future of health care

by Janet DiLeo Wade

Walk to Jerusalem/Walk to Bethlehem

Holy Comfort

Gardening as a means to mental health

by Stacy Smith

Congregational Health Promoters

The Church at Work in the World

by Kendra Hotz & Matthew Mathews

The New Wheat Street Gardens

In urban Atlanta, farmer Rashid Nuri is re-planting a church’s vision.

by Stacy Smith