Pursuing a God Who Beckons

Pilgrimage toward a whole spiritual relationship

by Karen L. Klein

The Nature of Care

Claiming the church’s voice in the culture of caregiving

7 Spiritual Practices

Retreat into Soul Care

Embracing the outdoors for inner renewal

by Stephen W. Smith

Restoring the Healer

Spiritual Self-Care for Health Professionals

reviewed by Mary Boland

How to Reply When the Wind Speaks Your Name

by Tom Springer

How to Play Better

Fostering good games and godly outcomes

by Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks

Color Me Calm

Using Adult Coloring Books as a Relaxation Technique

The Cards

By simple words, Marty was reconnected to life

by Larry Kinard

Baby, Let’s Move

Exercise During Pregnancy

by Erica Perkins

A Garden Hospital

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Yishun, Singapore

by Mary Boland

Prayers Per Mile

In times of strength and sorrow, running is my prayer

by Robyn Bles

Be Not Afraid

Creating a system of care built on love, not fear

by Antony Sheehan

10 Tips for a Healthy Stay-Cation

The Power of Empathy

Design Thinking and the Drive to Innovate

by Sarah Holland Bacot

A New Recreation

How play, sport and Sabbath restore us to health in body and spirit

by Susan Martins Miller
Book Review

Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God

Book Review

reviewed by Emma F. Connolly

The Seventh-Inning Stretch

Relief, rest and respect for those who are weary and weighted down

by David Waters

Sabbath in the Suburbs

Q & A with MaryAnn McKibben Dana

by Sarah Ranson

Healing Sabbath

by Scott Morris

Summer and Sabbath

Four ways to ponder Sabbath this season

by Scott Morris

The Unplugged Pastor

by Darian Duckworth

Health, Wealth and the Role of the Church

Q&A with Jim Wallis

by Sarah Ranson