The Gift of Spiritual Direction

Listening well, digging deep, and letting go

by Mary Chase-Ziolek

Learning to Throw a Spiritual Practice Punch

Engaging our whole selves to become whole and healthy

by Tara Owens

Why Health Ministry?

Good news through a whole-life lens

by Scott Morris

Critters, Tree Houses and Stars

The church wades in to nature-deficit disorder

by Daniel Deffenbaugh

Shalom and Creation

Protectors, Cultivators, and Servants of the Land

by Lisa Sharon Harper

The Creativity Story

Writing, telling, hearing and imagining the story of our creation

by Ashley Goff

Scarcity and Abundance

Q&A with Walter Brueggemann

by Stacy Smith

To Belong, We Need To Be Missed

Q&A with John Swinton, director of the Centre for Spirituality, Health and Disability at the University of Aberdeen

by Jessica Bratt Carle

Living our Limits

An Introduction to the Study of Disability

by Darla Schumm

Interrupting Poverty

The church is called to more at the intersection of poverty and health.

by Antony Sheehan

Healing Christian Healing

Moving beyond the cheap hope of miracle cures to a more honest—and more biblical—understanding of Christian healing

by Katherine Willis Pershey

A Healing Trust

The mission of Christ was not to guarantee healing, but to give hope.

by Shively T. J. Smith

Do Not Spit. Holy Place.

Visiting the Mother House for the Missionaries of Charity

by Scott Morris

2014 Top 10 Articles – Editor’s Picks

by Stacy Smith

Imago Dei

Poverty, Equality and the Trinity

by Cláudio Carvalhaes


by Kendra Hotz & Matthew Mathews

Seriously Funny Spirituality

Q&A with Father Jim Martin

by Stacy Smith

When Faith and Cancer Collide

Hope and Community

by Bill Holmes

What is Healthy Eating?

by L. Shannon Jung

Hoping for a Comeback

by Bill Holmes

At Work in God’s Garden

Community gardening is practical and theological, personal and communal

by Kendra Hotz & Matthew Mathews

Sacred Meals

Reclaiming the Gospel Practice of Commensality

by Daniel Deffenbaugh

God Given Bodies

by Kendra Hotz & Matthew Mathews
Book Review

Bread, Body, Spirit

Finding the Sacred in Food