A Lenten Liturgy

A congregational call to faithful community well-being

7 Spiritual Practices

The Gift of Spiritual Direction

Listening well, digging deep, and letting go

by Mary Chase-Ziolek

Learning to Throw a Spiritual Practice Punch

Engaging our whole selves to become whole and healthy

by Tara Owens

At Play in God’s Creation: Q&A with Tara Owens

Dancing Away Depression

Liturgical dance as spiritual practice holds out healing hope

by Sarita Wilson

At Play Before God

St. Catherine Play Church in Malmö, Sweden

Sing for Health’s Sake

How symbols, singing and the music of faith provide hope and healing

by John L. Bell

Healing Christian Healing

Moving beyond the cheap hope of miracle cures to a more honest—and more biblical—understanding of Christian healing

by Katherine Willis Pershey

Holy, Healing and Heart Healthy

Red Dress Sunday at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland

by Mary Boland

A Healing Trust

The mission of Christ was not to guarantee healing, but to give hope.

by Shively T. J. Smith

Do Not Spit. Holy Place.

Visiting the Mother House for the Missionaries of Charity

by Scott Morris

A Liturgy of Laughs

Congregations rediscover the ancient practice of humor

by Mary Boland

Liturgy: The Work-Out of the People

by Stacy Smith

A Prayer for the E.R.

by Bill Holmes

Hymn of Healing: In Our Hearts and Neighborhoods

Tune: Royal Oak

by Deborah Patterson

Hymn of Healing: Christ, Heal Me Twice

Tune: Finlandia

by Stacy Smith
Book Review

To Thank and Bless

Prayers at Meals

reviewed by Shelby Ussery

Blessed by the Presence of God

Liturgy for Occassional Services

reviewed by Stacy Smith
Book Review

Women’s Uncommon Prayers

Our Lives Revealed, Nurtured, Celebrated

reviewed by Stacy Smith
Book Review

Prayers and Ideas for Healing Services

reviewed by Stacy Smith

Singing our Lives

by Stacy Smith

Offer a Gluten-Free Communion

by Church Health Reader Editors

Hymn of Healing: An Open Plea

Tune: Song 34 / The Angel’s Song

by Stacy Smith

Creating a More Accessible Church for the Hard of Hearing

by Devorah Greenstein

Hymn of Healing: Loving Jesus, Living Body

Tune: Beach Spring

by Stacy Smith